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Congressmen are members of a country's Congress assigned with the task of proposing laws and voting on law proposals.
Every congressman at the start of his mandate has 5 law proposals at his disposal.

Becoming a Congress candidate

In order to become a candidate, a player first must be a member of a political party and to run for congress between the 6th and 13th in month.

Political party page from which player can run for congress between 6th and 13th in month

Congress Elections

On the 14th in month the list for congressional candidates will be closed and the party president will have the ability to manage the positions of the members on these lists.

  • Country Presidents aren't allowed to run for Congress.
  • Only top 5 parties will be allowed to run for office.
  • Only players above level 16 may run for Congress.
  • Congress members cannot change their citizenship until they resign from the Congress.
An example of Congress election results

In the elections, people are voting for parties. The exact voting will be unknown until the end of the election day and Congress will be elected due to the % political party has won. In simple examples, for every full 5% the political party win one congress member, if the vote is 15.01% this means 3 Congress members, if it is 14.99% this means 2 members. It's possible for one country to have maximum 20 Congress members. Each congress member can propose maximum 5 Laws.