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Clicking "Elections" on the Community tab, will display the Elections page. By default, this page is blank , but other information is also available:

  • Other election results can be viewed by making selections from the drop down lists in the upper left.
  • The time of the next elections is shown in the box in the upper right.
Presidential elections


On Election Day (the 5th, 15th or 25th of every month, depending on the purpose of the election), citizens can vote for their preferred candidate. Voting requires citizenship, so residents of another country cannot vote in your country's elections. They can only view the results of the elections. There are four different types of elections:

  • Party President Elections (held on 25th of every month)
  • Congress Elections (held on 15th of every month)
  • Country President Elections(held on 5th of every month)

Party President Elections

In Party President Elections, members of each political party may be able to vote their preferred candidate to become the president of that party.

Congress Elections

In Congress Elections, citizens from each country vote for their party to represent them in the parliament.

Country President Elections

In Country President Elections, citizens from each country vote for their preferred candidate to become president. Each party sponsors their own candidate for president. In both congress and presidential elections, only a relative majority (more votes than the other candidates) is needed to win.