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Gold.png Gold is a fictional Currency used in the eRevollution. It is the defacto Reserve Currency within eRevollution. Gold is viewed as a store of value against the unpredictable value of fiat currencies. It is also used to buy additional features (such as companies).

How to get gold

There are different ways to get Gold.png Gold.

  1. Buy gold
  2. Buy it on the Monetary Market in exchange for local currencies.
  3. As Reward
    1. Achieving Achievements 5 Gold.png, Leveling up 1 Gold.png.
    2. Having an invited friend get any gold rewards, such as Hard Worker or Leveling up (Receive 10% of their reward).
    3. Having an invited friend buy gold (Receive 10% of the gold value bought).

Using Gold

A number of actions require Gold.png Gold.


  1. Creating a Party (cost:40 Gold.png )
  2. The issue money law (cost: 1 national currency = Gold.png 0.005)


  1. Buying various currencies through the Monetary Market (cost: varies)
  2. Creating a company (cost: varies) see Companies
  3. Buying/Selling companies (cost: varies)
  4. Buying an export licesne for your company (cost: Gold.png 20)
  5. Upgrading your company's (cost: varies)


  1. Starting an official war (cost: minimum Gold.png 20)
  2. Creating a military unit (cost Gold.png 40)


  1. Changing location (cost: Gold.png 0.5)
  2. Creating a newspaper (cost: Gold.png 2)
  3. Changing citizen name (cost: from Gold.png 30)