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The eRevollution home page is your control panel. From here, you can do almost everything!

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The Navigation Menu

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Home will take you to this homepage, where you can then find everything else you need

  • My Buildings
In Companies, you can find all your factories, buy new ones, and work at your job.
Use this menu to work and produce items at your factories.
The Workout Area is what you will be using to gain strength.
Don't forget to use it every day to grow stronger.
In the Storage, you will find all of the items and buildings that you own.
From here you can also put sell offers on the market, and view all your sell offers.
In Improved Buildings, you can see and activate all of your buildings.
These buildings will provide you an energy bonus.

In the Battles page, you will find all active battles, all over the world.

  • Business Center
The Business Center is your key to using the market system.
From here, you can buy items on the market, exchange currencies, and find a job.
The Trading Center is the main commerce and market area.
From here, you can buy everything you need to fight and win in battles.
In the job market, you can find a new job.
Job offers are always changing, be sure to check back often to find the best job!
The Monetary Trading Center holds the monetary market of eRevollution.
In the Monetary Trading center, you can trade Country Currency for Gold and vice versa.
In the Company Market, you can find factories for sale from players.
Use this to find potentially cheaper factories that you can buy.

  • Community
The community portal is your key to any meta-game features.
Here, you can join a Party, Military Unit, start your own newspaper, and more!
In the My Country tab, you can view all the features of your country.
From here, you can check congress proposals, treasury, and your current officials.
Military Units are the backbone of combat in eRevollution.
Join one to become a part of an organised army, and to get a daily order.
Join a party to get involved in the political aspect of the game.
Use this to vote in elections, and campaign for elected positions.
In the journalism section, you can start a newspaper.
It costs 5 gold to start, but you can write about anything.
In the Elections tab, you can view any past election from any country.
You can also use this to track the current elections.
The Rankings tab holds all the leaderboards and scoreboards for the game.
Come here to find your personal rankings, and the rankings of your Party and Military Unit.
The World Map will show you the entire world, and who owns which regions.
You can also see the resources that each regions holds.
  • Store