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Congress Members

Congress members can "propose a law" by going into Administration page also there you can find the number of proposals.A congress member can resign from his/her position by clicking the "resign" button.

Congress Panel

Country Donations
Note: This option is used to donate any kind of currency,gold from treasury to country president account.
Issue Money
Take gold from the treasury and replace it as money.The rate is 1 gold for each 200 currency.
VAT & Taxes
Note: Can not be lower than 1% and higher than 99% for Import Tax or 50% for VAT. Raw materials have no VAT.
Work Tax
Change the tax of the salary from job market.Can not be lower than 3% and higher than 25%.
Manager Work Tax
Was introduced on day 198.Main purpose is to let foreigners use other country bonuses but with paying a tax.Citizen Tax can not be lower than 1 and higher than 10 currency.Foreigners Tax can not be lower than 1 and higher than 50 currency.
Natural enemy
Members of congress or president can propose neighboring country as their natural enemy. If agreed, a free war will be started with the natural enemy. The proposing country citizens will get +10% bonus while fighting against their natural enemy.
Members of the congress can propose a region as the capital.If a new player registers on your country he will be located on the capital.
President Impeach
Remove the President and replace him with other presidential candidate or player.
Minimum wage
Change the minimum salary that is used from managers to pay their employees.The minimum wage can not be lower than 1.

Country presidents can propose following laws:

Welcome message
Changes the message that new citizens recieve when they register.Message will be sent from president to newborn citizens.
Trade Embargo
Stops the trade between two nations for 30 days.
Peace treaty
Ends war between two countries. A sum of gold can be demanded from another country upon signing peace.It costs 20 Gold.
Declare war
Declares war to another country. Declaration costs 20g .