Manager Work Tax

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Manager work tax was introduced on day 198.Its main purpose is to keep players to work on their citizneship country.For each company you wish to work in as Manager you need to pay fixed amounth of currency to the country you are in at the time. If you own a citizenship of that country, you will pay one type of tax (usually lower), and if you are a foreigner you will pay other type of tax (usually higher). If you travel and go to work in another country, you will pay taxes to that country, and you will be able to use their bonuses for production. Here we can see that for working in 2 companies as a manager,I pay 10 local currency (CHF) to work in the country where i have citizenship. Now if we move to country like Japan for example (full bonuses), we need to pay 20 local currency (JPY), but we produce more goods.


Congress members and country president can vote to change the tax in their administration page. Changetax1.png Changetax2.png Note that players under level 22 are unaffected by this tax