Political Parties

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Political parties are the foundation of the political system in eRevollution. To join a party access the 'Community' tab from the main menu and click on the 'Party' link. Here you have two options: join or create a party.


Join a Party

If you click "Join a Party" you will see all of the parties in your country. You can only join a party in your citizenship country. However, if you have active citizenship application pending, you're not able to join party.

Party Page

Party informations

Once you join a party, or just browsing through them, you will see the following information


  • Avatar and name of the party
  • Name of the party president
  • Country of the party
  • Link to the party's discussion forum
  • Number of members
  • Political orientation (Economical and Social)
  • Click the See All Members to see Party member
  • Join/Resign - If you are not a member of the party, you will see a "Join" button. Click this to Join. If you are a member, you will see "Resign", click the button to resign from the party.

Create Party


Sometimes you might want to create your own party from the beginning. Remember, however, in established countries, it is often much cheaper to take over a smaller abandoned party by becoming a the Party president and then changing the party's attributes.

When you click "Create Party", you will see the Create Party Screen. The top part of the screen shows

  • Requirements
  • Party details


Party details.png

Citizens have to be at least Level 16 and have 40 Gold.

Party Details

Enter the following information

  • Party Name - must be 6-30 characters, only letters, numbers, and (! # $ % * ? | . / ^ { } ` ~ & ' + - = _ ). Other special characters are not allowed.
  • Economical Orientation, choose from: Far-Left, Center-Left, Center, Center-Right, Far-Right
  • Social Orientation, choose from: Totalitarian, Authoritarian, Libertarian, Anarchist

Click create and you are done.