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To make the game easly accessible eRevollution team has introduced shortcuts (which are a combination of keyboards).

Key combination Location
Shift+Q Profile
Shift+C Companies
Shift+W Workout_Area
Shift+S Storage
Shift+T Trading Center
Shift+U Military Unit
Shift+R Party
Shift+M Map
Shift+N Newspaper

Short Words

DO - Daily Order

MU - Military Unit

CP - Country President

PTO - Political Take-over.

CS,CZ - Citizenship.

PP - Party President.

MoD - Minister of Defence

MoFA - Minister of Foreign Affairs.

MPP - Mutual Protection Pact.

RW - Resistance War.

BH - Battle Hero.

TW - Training War.

DoW - Declaration of War.

NE - Natural Enemy.

Q (Q1, Q2...) - Quality.

BB - Baby Boom

Multi - Multiple Account.

Visa - Someone who buys gold.

TA - True Ally

TP - True Patriot

SL - Sea Legend

TR - True Revolutionary

DS - Defense System

W&T - Work & Train

MM - Monetary Market

RH - Resistance Hero

CC - Country Currency

HW - Hard Worker