Strategic Buildings

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Strategic Buidlings

Strategic Buidlings were introduced back on day 191. There are two types of buildings,Strategic Supplies and Strategic Weapons,main purpose of of this was to make industries that are currently non relevant/ non profitable, relevant and profitable. This includes Q1-Q5 Weapon, Q1-Q5 Tanks, Q1-Q5 Submarine, and Q1-Q5 food industries. Strategic supplies produces life kits.Life Kit allows you to regenerate percentage of your energy depending on quality . You can create one Life Kit a day, and you can save them for when you need them. For production of Strategic Weapon we need Weapons, Tanks and Submarines. Strategic Weapon building produces a Missile which is used like RPG in a battle and adds fixed amount of damage to your hit. Upgrading your Strategic Buildings is the same as upgrading companies

Cost of production

Here is how much it costs to produce on Strategic Supplies :

Quality Cost % of Energy
Q1 1000 Q1 Food 20%
Q2 1000 Q2 Food 40%
Q3 1000 Q3 Food 60%
Q4 1000 Q4 Food 80%
Q5 1000 Q5 Food 100%

And for Strategic Weapons:

Quality Cost Damage
Q1 50 Q1 Weapons,50 Q1 Tanks, 50 Q1 Submarine 500,000
Q2 50 Q2 Weapons,50 Q2 Tanks, 50 Q2 Submarine 800,000
Q3 50 Q3 Weapons,50 Q3 Tanks, 50 Q3 Submarine 1,000,000
Q4 50 Q4 Weapons,50 Q4 Tanks, 50 Q4 Submarine 2,000,000
Q5 50 Q5 Weapons,50 Q5 Tanks, 50 Q5 Submarine 4,000,000