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Strength.png Strength is the main military skill, which you can increase by training in the Workout_Area

For gaining every 250 strenght points, you will receive a Super Soldier medal and 5 gold

Increasing Strength

Strength can be gained in the training grounds area.You can train everyday in the free workout area.But there are also special privileges for players under 13,000 & 15,000 strength. If you are under 13,000 strength you receive a second training ground when u can train for 10 energy and u gain 60 strength a day. And for players under 15,000 strength they also gain 50 strength a day.

Uses of Strength

|Strength is used to one thing : dealing more damage in the battlefield.Your strength can be increased by training every day using workout.Your strength gets combined with your level your Military-rank and forms your Damage. It's used only in land battles