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Taxes are the main source of funding for countries of the New World.
They gather money for their development thanks to the tax system.

List of Taxes

List of taxes. Each product has three taxes set: Work Tax, Import Tax and Value Added Tax

Your country's current taxes can be seen on the Economy page in game.

  • Work Tax: A tax on employees salary and work as manager. Basically when u work every day for ur employer this is the tax that gets back on the country
  • Import Tax: A tax on products purchased from a foreign producer .
  • VAT: Value added Tax. A tax paid on manufactured goods. VAT is not added to the price of raw materials.
  • Manager Work Tax This is the tax that applies on working as manager on your companies.Note:When you are a citizen of a country you pay less taxes from working as manager ,when u move to another country you can use the bonuses of that country but the foreigner tax applies

Tax Changes

On day 213 admins introduced Manager Work Tax.When u work as a manager in your companies a number of currency will be taken away from your account and will be added to country treasury.Those numbers are decided by congress.

Import tax

Import tax is a tax set forth by the Country administration that decrease the earning cutting out the tax from the price of items at the marketplace when citizen selling the item doesn't have a citizenship of the country. Tax revenue is added to the country Treasury.

All the taxes that France country has collected on day 211 and 212